College Chronicle

The gradual increment of the strength of the Nepalese Army resulting in a proportionate requirement for better qualified commanders and staff officers gave birth to the Army Command and Staff College in Nepal. The college was established on 29 Dec 1990 at Topkhana Barrack. It was called the Royal Nepalese Army Training Academy. The task force was formed to establish the necessary basic infrastructure for the College. The task force, after extensive research and visit to various sites decided to establish the college in Pokhara, but it was not followed through. Again in 1991, another task force was formed under the Chairmanship of the then CGS, now retd COAS Gen Dhramapal Bar Singh Thapa to identify a suitable location, to plan for appropriate organization, to select and train instructors, to design course curriculum and to build college infrastructure. The task force, perceiving the tranquility and peacefulness of Shivapuri suggested the relocation of the college and to change its name to the Royal Nepalese Army Command and Staff College.

Historical Image of Army Command & Staff College

The present Command and Staff College premise in Shivapuri was initially a Summer Resort for the Rana rulers, which was converted into a sanitarium after the end of the Rana regime. Thereafter, it became an Army Transit Camp and finally On 30 Dec 1992 (14 Paush 2049 BS), the college was established in this location. On 5 September 1993 (20 Bhandra 2050), the Instructional block was inaugurated by the then PM and Defense Minister Hon'ble Girija Prasad Koirala and from the same day serial No. 1 Command and Staff course commenced.

Historical Image of Army Command & Staff College Inauguration

The college was renamed to Army Command and Staff College in 2006 as it is known today. In the same year, it received its affiliation with Tribhuvan University and started conducting the Masters Degree programme in Strategic Studies.