Internet Facility

The College has been providing free internet wireless service in various zones in the college premise as accommodation, syndicate rooms, library etc. The college has tried to ensure reliable internet service. The speed of the internet is sufficient to download reading materials; however, downloading of heavy size may slow down the speed of the internet, especially at peak hours.

At times the service facility may disrupt due to technical/weather factor. In such circumstances, ISOs are requested to comply with it or could have an alternative internet facility through data card /modem at their own expense and choices.

ISOs are required to register their personal computers, notebooks; laptops etc at the ICT Office and receive an individual user name and password. All students are to adhere with the ethical use of the ICT facilities.

Any issues to be addressed concerning ICT should also follow the normal channel by reporting at the complaint book or visiting ICT office from 0800-1530hrs.