Army Command & Staff College

STRENGTH, WISDOM and COURAGE is inscribed on the flowing ribbon at the bottom. The strength, wisdom and courage are the divine qualities and their effective balance is the key to the stability of the nation. The motto itself speaks in abundance about the excellence of the institution, its objectives and the fineness in its conduct of the training. The motto is ascribed from the notable ancient Hindu strategist and scholar Sukracharya's "SUKRA NITI".


Army Command and Staff College is responsible with inculcating professional knowledge in the students, the hexagon with a creese was considered, at its time of inception to be the most appropriate for the college.


The hexagon is formed by overlapping two triangles. The upper half of the star is coloured sky blue and the lower half blood red. The hexagon symbolizes the Hindu goddess Saraswoti, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Facing in all the direction including the sky and the earth, the hexagon symbolizes the struggle towards the human enlightenment by overcoming all the three basic components of the nature (trigunas). In the word triguna, 'tri' stands for three while 'gunas' stand for subtle components which creates the human sensation for enlightenment out of Sattva (Purity and Knowledge), Raja (Action and Passion) and Tama (Ignorance and Inertia).

Creese inside Hexagon

A sharp edged creese with the upper half of its blade touching the sky blue portion and its base resting on the blood red portion is inscribed in the hexagon. The creese has both; a physical function, as a defensive weapon, as well as a symbolic function. Physically it is an instrument of "Ahimsa" or non-violence. The principle of ahimsa is to actively prevent violence, but not simply stand by idly whilst violence is being done. To that end, the creese is a tool to be used to prevent violence against a defenseless person. Symbolically, the creese also represents the power of truth over evil. It is the cutting edge of the enlightened mind. Moreover, militarily the creese is taken as a symbol of strength, battlefield skills, bravery and victory.